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Rate and record your dining experiences.

It’s like Yelp but for your eyes only. Save the memories, and be informed next time you go out to eat.

iTastify helps you remember what you liked, and what you didn’t.

It records the entire experience so you are reminded again of great meals with friends.

Take pictures of your friends, the menu, and even the food if you want!

Share pictures with friends and family via text, email, and social media.

Keep a gallery of all the food and good times.

Checking the gallery instantly brings back memories that would normally fade away.

What was that great place where you ate in LA last year?

Look it up with iTastify! Look up experiences by restaurant, location, cuisine, or companion.


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The Story of iTastify

The idea for iTastify started back in the mid-2000s when Scott Carson collected business cards from restaurants he visited. He would write his companions’ names down, rate the food, and take notes if anything special happened. Eventually Scott’s collection of business cards got so big it was hard to sort. By then the iPhone came out and he thought about creating an app to store all this information.

In 2014 the app was designed by Nicole Schmidt, and the app idea was used in User Experience Design classes at Noble Desktop. In 2015 Ian Grossberg signed on to develop the app. It took a while to complete due to limited budget, but finally was released in February 2017.

We hope you enjoy iTastify as much as we do!